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Quality through knowledge and experience.

Clear Choice Window Films provide the highest quality products with the technical skills to deliver outstanding results. Utilising the knowledge gained by almost 20 years of industry experience, we help guide our customers to achieve the best most effective outcome on every project.

Home Solutions

Add privacy, security and energy efficiency to your home.

Experience enhanced comfort, security, and privacy with our Home Window Film Solutions. Our superior home window tinting service balances indoor temperatures, resulting in significant energy savings. Besides thermal control, our window tints amplify your home’s security, reduce screen glare, and safeguard your interiors from Australia’s harsh sun. See the difference home window tinting can make today.

Home Window Tinting, front door
Commercial Window Tinting
Commercial Solutions

Protect your stock, fittings and staff with window films.

Welcome to Clear Choice Window Films. We offer specialized window film services for various commercial spaces like offices, shops, and schools. Our solutions are tailored to provide privacy, comfort, and energy efficiency. Whether you need to reduce glare, improve energy conservation, or add sophistication, we have the perfect window tinting option for you. From commercial window tinting to office frosting, our wide range of services meets your specific needs. Contact us today for a free quote and elevate your business’s appeal and efficiency.

Solar Protection

Protect your home and save on energy costs.

We provide Solar Window Film Solutions for your home or business? Our trained installer can transform your living and working spaces with quality solar window films. They offer UV protection for energy savings. Explore our offerings and discover the benefits of a sunnier, more comfortable home or office today.

Protect Floors

What we offer

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Window tinting

Window tinting is an energy efficient way to combat the negative effects of the harsh Australian sun. 

Our extensive range of films provides privacy, reduces heat, blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and improves the overall aesthetics to your home, office or commercial property.

The latest technologies in window films provide a wide range of options spanning from reflective to neutral colour tones and dual layered films that provide a great combination of the two technologies. 

The development of Low Emissivity films (Low-E) retain heat in the cooler months keeping your home warmer and more energy efficient.

frosted commercial window films


Frosted films provide full privacy both day and night. These films are highly effective in areas where you want to keep the natural light in and maintain your home’s privacy.

Frosted films come in a wide range of options far beyond standard frosted glass. 

Choose between classic frosted films that range in shade from off white to a contemporary grey. Textured films that provide the greatest amount of natural light while obscuring the glass and patterned films that give your space a unique look and feel.

security window films in family home

Safety & security

Windows and glass doors are a weak point into any premise. While security cameras and alarm systems work to alert or record evidence, they don’t do anything to actively stop intruders from gaining access.

Security film works by creating an additional clear and unseen layer to the glass. This film can withstand multiple impacts by spreading the energy across the entire surface of the film and anchoring the film to the frame of the glass.

Old glass can be especially dangerous to young children and does not comply with modern safety standards. These films can improve the standard of the glass, prevent falling through a window and capture any broken glass in the film before hitting the floor.

architectural films installed


Transform your space and create an engaging visual experience for your home, office or retail premise. This range of architectural finish films can be applied to almost any surface and are available in a wide selection of designs, colours and textures so the only limit is your creativity.

Installation is quick as well as dust and chemical free, so there is minimal interference to your day to day activities. 

Finishes include wood grain, stone, glass and metallic.

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"Clear Choice Window Films helped us solve the problem with our cold bedrooms. Tim came to see us and recommended a Low-E film that has helped greatly. He was friendly and knowledgeable and I couldn't be happier with the finished result."

- Alex B


Servicing Homes and Businesses in Ballarat and surrounding areas.

We travel far and wide. Based in Ballarat makes it easy to service Western and Central Victoria all the way to Geelong and surrounds. We can provide quick service to the growing residential and business areas such as Delacombe, Lucas and Winter Valley. We also travel to Geelong and the Golden Plains shire. 

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Add privacy & security to your home entrance from $199.

Add window film to the glass in your front door and sidelights. Don’t DIY, Get it Right the First Time.